Sponsor a Child


Kabuoch Kawuor Village, Kenya

Please consider sponsoring a child. Your donation will go for food, clothes, or anything else you desire. You can donate monthly or on special occasions like holidays.

The sponsoring aspect of New Beginnings is a work in progress. Originally we were going to ask for $25 a month, but now we are leaving it up to the donar.

Your donation does not go in a communal pot. It goes directly to the child, and you will get a picture of what was purchased. If you decide to pay school fees they will write you letters. We will also send progress reports for those who request one.

Thank you in advance for your kind heart.

Susan Peabody, CEO

Available Children
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This is the child I sponsor. I saw Lowell in a picture and fell in love. I gave him my brother's name. He is now Edward Lowell Peabody. His mother died in childbirth and his fatrher died in a motorcycle accident. I hope to also help him with his school fees so he can write me a letter.

Edward Lowell Peabody
This beautful child is already taken!