Open Letter to Members


One of the goals of this union is to promote self-awareness and self-appreciation. This simply means to learn more about women’s contributions in the world and how important they are to Christ.

On Resurrection Sunday, it was women who went to the tomb to care for the body of Christ. It was these women who first noticed the tomb was empty, and it was to Mary Magdalene that the risen Christ first appeared and spoke to.

This and other passages in the Bible show just how much Christ loved and cherished women. We must also learn to cherish ourselves in a world that does not always appreciate women and their contributions.

The Bible, as we know it today, does not have the complete set of ancient texts about Jesus. Some ancient scrolls were found in caves years ago and, one of them was called the Gospel of Mary. In this text Peter points out that Mary was very close to Christ and that he told her some secrets that only she could understand.

While not everyone honors these new scrolls, most women appreciate them. I know I do.

As this union grows to embrace all members and all kinds of charities, we must remember to honor ourselves and teach our children that women are very important and deserve respect as well as love in a society led by men.

Susan Peabody